Similarities and Differences in Urban History, Material Culture and Methodological Approaches of three Northern Peloponnesian Poleis: Aigeira, Lousoi and Sikyon

Over the last years, multi-disciplinary investigations at the sites of Old-Sikyon, Sikyon-Demetrias, Aigeira, and Lousoi have enhanced our knowledge on manifold aspects of Greek polis culture in the Corinthia, in Achaea and Arkadia. Each in their own way, the cities can give new impetus to archaeological research in the Northern Peloponnese with respect to both large-scale and detailed studies. At the same time, the investigations have raised a range of new questions, e. g. regarding early settlement phases, principles of town planning, economic growth and decline, or even cultural identity.  

The symposium aims at a critical assessment of similarities and differences in the urban development and material culture of the three poleis. Moreover, the different research methods applied in order to face the unique challenges of each site will be discussed. Additional keynote lectures will comment on the political history and economy of the Northern Peloponnese as well as on the potential of Peloponnesian cities to gain new perspectives on Greek urbanism.

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Place/Ort: Austrian Archaeological Institute, Athens
Time/Zeit: 1.-2. Dezember 2017
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