Materialien zur Umweltgeschichte Österreichs


The " Materialien zur Umweltgeschichte " are a Digital Open Access publication series of the Centre for Environmental History with print-on-demand option, with which we want to provide all those interested in environmental history with documentations that have the character of working papers. The series concept is formally open so that materials of very different scope can be published, and therefore has no strict format requirements.

Compilations of data relevant for environmental history, transcriptions of interesting archival matter, but also commented excerpts of significant material from extensive source corpora are just some of the possible "materials". In the research-project shaped world, the identified material often remains used only piecemeal. It is therefore all the more important to be able to make largely uncommented raw materials available. Likewise, the series enables us to publish graduate student work together with supplementary source material.

Suggestions for volumes for the series can be made informally to all members of the centre. We welcome contributions that benefit the community of researchers and teachers.

Published so far:


Volume 7

Anna Hagen & Friedrich Hauer (2015)

Hygiene und Wasser in der städtebaulichen Fachliteratur um 1900 (58 S.)

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> Abstract (82 KB)

Volume 6

Anna Hagen (2015)

Wiener Bauordnungen und Planungsinstrumente im 19. Jahrhundert (68 S.)

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> Abstract (64 KB)

Volume 5

Sylvia Gierlinger (2015)

Die Jahresberichte des Wiener Stadtphysikates 1866-1913 (74 S.)

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> Abstract (70 KB)

Volume 4

Christina Spitzbart-Glasl (2015)

Die topographische und hydrotechnische Aufnahme des Wienflusses unter
Prof. Josef Stummer 1847-1857 (205 S.)

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> Abstract (67 KB)

Volume 3

Severin Hohensinner (2015)

Bibliografie historischer Karten und Literatur zu österreichischen
Flusslandschaften (447 S.)

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> Abstract (94 KB)

Volume 2

Severin Hohensinner & Andreas Hahmann (2015)

Historische Wasserbauten an der Wiener Donau und ihren Zubringern (351 S.)

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> Abstract (75 KB)

Volume 1

Severin Hohensinner (2015)

Historische Hochwässer der Wiener Donau und ihrer Zubringer (59 S.)

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> Abstract (74 KB)